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Tampa Workers Compensation Law

Tampa worker comp law is a complex set of regulations and procedures that are frequently subject to change. The worker compensation laws in Tampa are designed to protect your rights, finances, and job in the event you incur a work-related injury.

For many who have been injured on the job, this is often their first experience dealing with Tampa worker comp law. Sadly, there are instances where injured workers do not receive the benefits they deserve to cover their costly medical expenses and lost wages. If the workmans comp claim they filed was denied, they can file an appeal and put up a fight to get the settlement they deserve.

Despite worker rights under Tampa workers compensation law, unscrupulous insurance companies and corporations have financial incentives to throw roadblocks into the process or shoot down a valid workers comp claim. If you are an injured worker who wants to file a claim or fight a denial, contact Attorney Richard W. Driscoll, P.A., because he is knowledgeable about Tampa workers comp law, as well as experienced in fighting for injured workers and other personal injury victims.

Tampa Workers Comp Laws

While accidents are a fact of life, they are more likely to occur in the workplace. Workers can suffer severe illnesses and injuries as a result of unsafe work conditions and negligence. As a workers compensation attorney qualified in Tampa worker compensation law, Richard Driscoll is extremely skilled and committed to making the strongest possible case for injured workers being denied rightful workers compensation benefits.

As a well-respected Tampa workers compensation lawyer, Richard Driscoll has received many distinctions during his accomplished legal career:

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